In industrial machinery manufacturing, different terms refer to the “vapor compression distiller” (the most correct diction in relation to STMC still). For example: thermocompressor, thermocompression distiller, mechanical  vapor compression or recompression system, … Technically, it is an evaporation technology used in many areas, from desalination to the separation of hydrocarbons. Also air-conditioning and refrigeration system use compressed vapor, in different ways.  

Bram-Cor STMV Vapor Compression systems
DEC 2019, Bram-Cor main factory, Parma (Italy). Set of seven STMC distiller in construction. They will be delivered in the course of 2020; today they are at the forefront of vaccine production.

However, unlike all other areas, only the construction of a pharmaceutical “thermocompressor” for the production of Water for Injection claims the most extreme care. It’s  due to the “purity” required throughout the transformation process, from raw water to WFI. In this page we show the BRAM-COR GMP reference standards, in supporting the quality of its STMC VC distiller.

Bram-Cor Manufacturing. A classic Vapor Compression Distiller (also called "thermocompression still")
Bram-Cor Manufacturing. A classic Vapor Compression Distiller (also called “thermocompression still”) from the main factory.


The experience and passion for stainless steel processing enable BRAM-COR to care for quality in vapor compression distiller manufacturing. Therefore, the construction of each STMC distiller follows cGMP procedures. In Parma, the location of BRAM-COR headquarters, qualified welders perform regularly BRAM-COR Sanitary Piping procedures (we use AISI 316L Stainless steel for piping and AISI 304 for the frameworks only).

Welding a condenser of a Vapor Compression Still
Bram-Cor qualified and skilled welders – Welding a VC Still condenser

Non-destructive tests are performed during construction. A single tag identifies each component, engraved on metal plate, for the total traceability in the relevant technical documentation.

Bram-Cor STMC - Testing a Thermal Compression still
BRAM-COR STMC – Testing a “Thermal” Compression still in Parma

Functional testing is ensured by automation experts, with special care for monitoring of critical parameters. Our project management includes documentation, inspection and field testing.

BRAM-COR ASME S U stamp - Certificates
Vapor Compression Distiller Manufacturing – BRAM-COR ASME S U stamp – Certificates

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